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Lee's Permatack
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Blood Tracking / Rescue Canine Accessories
Tracking Lead
10 Meter (32.8 ft.)
Tracking Lead
 50 ft.
Permatack Jaeger (yay-ger) Leads are 8 ft. long by 3/4" wide and are
double stitched and solid brass. Our Jaeger leads offer the ultimate in versatility for both you and your dog. Multiple ty-out and handler positions let you tackle a variety of field situations in a snap. Available in Black or Brown $28.95 USD (Standard )
New! Tracking Collars - In response to our Tracking buddies in Georgia and the Great Northwest, we're proud to introduce three new Tracking Collars - Built with the same popular Permatack material. The same ultraflexible, ultra-strong collar built to the demanding and unique specifications of tracking dog associations world-wide for years of dependable service.

Our Permatack collars are 2" wide (Drahthaar) and offer a smooth interior for a comfortable yet secure fit and boast solid "STAINLESS STEEL" Swivel and buckle.

Because the GREAT TRACKING FOLKS asked us we made it....the Double Thickness Tracking Collars are a full 2" double thickness made for hard pullers with a "STAINLESS STEEL" Buckle and stainless steel swivel for years of dependable service.

Dachshund collars in 1 1/2" offer smooth interior with a "STAINLESS STEEL" buckle and stainless steel swivel. If you need a larger collar than what is offered below, give us a call!
Standard Jaeger
Our Standard Blood Tracking Lead is built with 1/2" material just like our checkcord, but is available in a variety of lengths and configurations. Most "Tracking" folks buy our 10 meter model, but we can build any length you need up to 100 feet. Our Tracking Leads come standard with a Solid Brass snap, or sewn-on solid brass buckle can be added below. Please note: no charge for a sewn in Buckle. (See our Tracking Collars Below).
Tracking Lead
35 ft.
Brass Buckle (No Charge)
Remember - Brass Snap is standard, if you want a Brass Buckle OR Locking Snap,
you MUST select ONE of the "Add to Cart" Buttons below
Black $28.95
Brown $28.95
All New " Double Thickness" and "Hillock Single Thickness" Permatack Tracking Collars
Small (Fits 14"-17")
Medium (Fits 16"-19")
Large (Fits 18"-21")
"Permatack" Tracking Collars 2 inch
$32.95 (Brown Only)
Tracking Collars 1 1/2 inch $29.95 (Black Only)
Small (Fits 12"-15")
Medium (Fits 14"-17")
Large (Fits 16"-19")
A close-up of our unique stainless steel swivel standard on every "Permatack" tracking collar we build. Smoothly swivels 360 degrees without binding and best of's QUIET.
Double Thickness 2" Heavy DutyTracking Collar $39.95 (Brown only)
Small  (Fits 14"-17")
Medium (Fits 16"-19") 
Large (Fits 18"-21")