Looks Like Leather, Wears Like Iron!
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Photo Gallery and a Little History
Eminence, Missouri 2007
Moila Shrine Mounted Patrol -
Permatack Headstalls, Breast collars and Reins
Hannah and "Jax" - Ohio
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Lee's Permatack
7420 NW Grandview
Kidder, MO 64649
(816) 575-2519
"Bronson" the hunting poodle
sporting his permatack and
a chukar. Pam Sturbaum
"I use the dog collars, leashes and long line while hunting and tracking with my dog. I love the way the long line NEVER tangles, picks up burrs or grass seeds. Another bonus is after my dogs come out of the water, their collars aren't wet! I love them!" Sharon Pearson - Utah
Keith "Woody" Woodward
Permatack Collars Jaeger Lead - Ester, Alaska
  You did these leads custom for us earlier in the year, and we have had a number of positive comments on them. I tried to show the various advantages of the product including: storing it on the belt clip while in the field, leaving the dog clipped to the belt clip when you need that extra hand, and using it as a regular lead.
Whether training, hunting, field trialing, running in hunt tests, or just taking the dog for a walk these leads have worked out better than we could have ever hoped. The quality is excellent, the durability is second to none, and your customer service is top notch.
Thanks Again,
Shane, Cheryl, and Wesley Lewis
Akron, Colorado
I just picked up my GSP puppy today from the breeder. His name is Nobelle's Bruin Up a Cup. He is 7 weeks old and comes from an amazing hunting/family gene pool.
As you can see, I already have a Permatack High Vis Orange Check Cord. All I ask is that if there is a place on your website for Bruin's picture, I would be honored to see it there.
I expect to get miles and miles out of your product and look forward to using it in training my puppy.
Thanks and Stay Safe,
Bob Stavola, Jr.
New Jersey
"What Dreams May Come"
"Future Handler"
Attached you will find a photo of my Drahthaar Barney. The photo was taken on Matagorda Beach in Matagorda, Tx where I was dove hunting this afternoon. Hope you enjoy it. He is wearing both the check cord as well as a collar by Permatack. I also attached two from christmas 2008 as well. Thanks for the opportunity to send you photos.
Matthew Ludwig
"Knee High" sporting Permatack cowhide overlay Halter/Bridle and Breast Collar
Submitted by Deb Lukes
Eyota, Minnesota
"We love the checkcords. They do not get tangled in the weeds and sagebrush. They don't hold stickers and weed seeds, and they clean up in a snap when wet and muddy"
                       Alice Hewes
                       Arlington, Oregon
Kirk & Mary,... I thought I'd share a few pictures of my late hunting partner Angus with his Permatack collar. That collar really saved me a lot of
 trouble seeing him in heavy cover. We have since passed this collar down to the next generation and have added more of your products since.
Thank you very much for such great products. The new check chord I bought from you has been fantastic for training our new pup.
Best regards,
Dewey Shaw - Minonk, IL
Forrest Moore's Deutsch Drahthaar
Drahthaar vom Moorehaus
Cataula, Georgia
I must say that your permatack "Perfection" dog lead is great.
It is very comfortable and never gets soggy like my old leather
and nylon leads did. We walk our dog at least twice a day and
with the attached brass ring its great to just throw it over
your shoulder and not worry about it falling out of your pocket
when "Harvey" has his off leash time. We use the leash quite a
bit and it shows almost no wear and tear.
Richard Logan - Burbank, Illinois
PS attatched are some photos of our pooch Harvey and our
daughter Kelly putting him through his paces. This year
will be Harvey's first season hunting so this fall I will
have more manly dog pictures, the rest of the time he is a
 cherished member of our household and play friend for Kelly.
"Mazie" and daughter "Coco"
Submitted by Nick Holzinger
Grand River Chapter NAVDHA
Permatack was started back in 2001 after I lost my job in the Cellular Phone industry.  On a leap of faith, I took what little money we had and purchased a very heavy duty sewing machine and some manual presses.  My wife Mary picked up the financial slack with her nursing career as I started building horse tack which I knew was tougher than anything else on the market.  "If we could just market this stuff"  I thought, "people would LOVE IT!" Marketing was something which didn't come easy to me.  Mary and I found ourselves sewing until midnight on several occasions for an upcoming horse expo and as the weeks turned to months, a neighbor (and good friend) asked if I would consider training gun dogs for him; he would train me, then I could train pups for his business.  A little reluctant at first, I thought hey, I'd be outside alot getting some exercise.  My friend, we'll just call him Jon,  was using a Halter/Bridle which Mary and I had built and commented on how it's material could be applied to training gun dogs.  "Could you make a checkcord out of that stuff and let me try it?" Jon asked.  "It's a shame you can't manufacture that product in a hunter orange.......  Hmmm...... I then contacted some former engineers from BF Goodrich Corporation and we collaborated on a high visual product like no one had ever seen;  a hunter orange encased polyester web with tensile strength of 1000 lbs/sq. inch and Permatack was born.   With one hitch:  We would have to place a HUGE order of the raw product to get it manufactured...another leap of faith. Times got better and I soon found work back in the Telecom Industry close to home and Mary took over the business.  In 2006 she was stricken with Lyme Disease and co-infected with Babisia (a form of Malaria) from a tick bite.  Mary is the strongest person I will ever know in so many ways, and eventually overcame the diseases, even though it meant giving up a career she dearly loved as a surgical nurse.  God works in mysterious ways as we all agree and Mary poured herself heart and soul into the business of making great strap goods and GREAT FRIENDS.  She IS is her passion and she hand builds everything we sell.  Over the years we have met so many great people and we can't thank you all enough for the orders, recommendations for improvements or new products and the great stories.  We'll be posting different pictures from time to time so send us a picture of your best buddy (be it dog or horse) using or wearing their Permatack then check back on occasion to see if you're on our "Wall of Fame"
Thank you all so much for your business both past and future and may God Bless,
Kirk and Mary Lee
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I have attached a picture of Helena Vom Sparta-Gr.  Sadie is owned by Robert Corsaro of Nobelle Kennels.  I have been training dogs for some 30 years.  Through that time I have owned and used every check cord, lead and collar available on the market.  With all of those cords available to me the only cords I ever pull out of my training bag is yours.  In the field the check cord never gets hung up and when it rains one wipe down and it is dry!  Thanks for making such fine products! 
Tristan Crous ordered all the way from South Africa 
Elizabeth Prince with her Belgian Shepherds
Richard Hoeflinger from Keaau, Hawaii has a unique way of remembering his best hunting buddies with their old Permatack Collars
Nobelle Kennels
Ken Parker,from Georgia,  helped us test and develop the "Hillock" Tracking Collar
Ken Raises Bavarian Mountain Bloodhounds he calls this one Baby.
"Guage" (Above)
"Sage"  (Left)
"Buffy" (Right)