Looks Like Leather, Wears Like Iron!
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Lee's Permatack
7420 NW Grandview
Kidder, MO 64649
(816) 575-2519
Equine Accessories - Headstalls, Reins, Breast Collars & Misc.
Permatack Halter / Bridle Combos smooth sided for your horse's comfort! Triple layer tie-out for added stredngth, double thickness double stitched. As always, Solid Brass Hardware for hassle-free durability. They're available in Black, Chestnut or Tan (Matches Natural oil tan leather) Fits average quarter horse or TWH
$94.95 USD
Black Halter Bridle
Brown Halter Bridle
Tan Halter Bridle
Permatack "No-Bit" Bridle - for the older horse or the horse that doesn't like a bit....
Avaliable in Black, Brown or Tan. Works on pressure points on the pole and the nose. Reins not included (See Below for rein pricing)
$74.95 USD
No-Bit Bridle Black
No-Bit Bridle Brown
No-Bit Bridle Tan
Permatack Reins
Want a rein that you don't have to oil? that stays supple when it gets cold ??doesn't slipe up when wet ???and drys off easily after you cross the river??? ? So Do I!!!
You won't catch me trail riding with anything but Permatack Reins! God Bless all your Trails, Mary
Split Rein Black
 Split Rein Brown
Spit Rein Tan
Roping Reins 8ftX5/8 $16.95
Roping Rein 10ftX5/8" $19.95
Scissors Snaps:
Black Rein
Brown Rein
Tan Rein
Black Rein
Brown Rein
Tan Rein
1 Stailess Steel $4.95
Split Reins 7ftX5/8" $18.95
Permatack Crown Ring Headstall - A time tested, ol' reliable headstall. Grandpa had one out of leather, but ours will last longer than his! Sold to Children's Horse Camps beacuse every piece is sew on to the ring. Adjustment in side bar to fit most horses.
 Reins sold separately. Please Specify Black, Brown or Tan
$49.95 USD
Crown Ring Black
Crown Ring Brown
Crown Ring Tan
Permatack Breast Collars - Available in Endurance style (3/4" width)
or Heavy Duty (1" width) Solid Brass Hardware with Neckrope
Black, Brown or Tan
Endurance Model - $59.95
Heavy Duty Model - $69.95
Endurance Black
Endurance Brown
Endurance Tan
Heavy Duty Black
Heavy Duty Brown
Heavy Duty Tan
Heavy Duty Model
Shown with optional overlay
 (Add $10.00 and Lg. Rossete Add $10.00)
Medium Rossette
Add $5.00
Large Rosette
Add $10.00
Overlay Black
Over Brown Add
Overlay Brown
over Tan Add
Overlay Brown
over Black Add $15.00
"Overlay" Halter Bridle (Left)
 "CowHide Overlay Halter Bridle (Right)
 Call Mary for Pricing.
Attention Elk Hunters!!!!!
We created this High Vis. Orange Crown Ring Headstall and Breast Collar when a hunter called and said some one shot his horse while he was Elk Hunting.  So Sad.....
Hi-Vis Orange Crown Ring Headstall & Breast Collar Combo $99.95