Permatack Super-Duty Collars

Collars offer the classic good looks of solid brass hardware with a rich russet collar
Solid 1 1/2" D-Ring allows easy tie-out. The collars are designed to lessen the shock to the latching system and provide uniform stress over the entire circumference of the collar. We have yet to see a dog break the latching system of these collars, yet the collar is designed to "roll out" should they get hung up. It's the best of both worlds; Rugged yet safe
Available in Brown, Black or Hi-Vis Orange
Warranted for one full year from date of purchase
Please Note: We build SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR DOG Therefore, we ask that you give us a call, we'll get specific measurements and color over the phone,

 HOWEVER you may pay for your collar below.
Gun Dog Accessories - Collars, Lanyards and Other Training Aids
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Permatack "Training Table" Collar - The best trainers know the best kept secrets! This Collar is not designed as a field collar, but as a training aid. A must for teaching retrieving. Perfect for aggressive or "nippy" dogs. Please Note: Due to the nature of this traing device, we cannot offer a warranty. Brown only. $24.95 USD
Training Table Collar $24.95
Blank Gun Lanyards - One of those "Hey, why didn't I think of that" items. Brought to our attention by a wonderful young lady who is fast becoming quite a force to be reckoned with in the youth hunt tests of Ohio. We affectionately call these "Hannah's Lanyards". Clip to your belt loop and to your blank gun; never fumble for that blank gun again! $10.00 USD
Blank Gun Lanyard $10.00
PermaTack Super Duty Collar in Hi-Vis Orange
Super Duty Collar $21.95
Keep your eyes open for this upcoming handler.  You might be competing against young ""Hannah'" in the Ohio walking and field trial circuit and you can bet she'll give you a run for your money!