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Permatack Checkcords -
The one.....the only.  Often imitated, NEVER duplicated!  The original Permatack Checkcord - Original model number one is still going strong!  Just ask Jon Hann.  After dragging thru scrub brush, wild rose bushes and saw grass, it still looks new.  No rope burns, no moisture absorption, maintenance free.  Available in your choice of three colors: Black, Brown, or Hi-Vis Orange.  25 ft. Length by 1/2" width   $24.95 USD  NOTE: Permatack will make ANY length Checkcord under 100 ft. call to order
Permatack Dog Leads offer the suppleness of fine harness leather with the strength of steel.  Unlike nylon or leather leads they won't absorb water or "slime up"; a dry lead means a warm handler's hand!  Solid brass hardware and box stitching ensures a secure yet handsome lead.  "Perfection" Model is just the right length for you to wear while working your dog off lead - Thanks to an integrated ring in it's handle just snap it around your torso and go!  All leads available in Black, Chestnut, or Hi-Vis Orange  - Price varies by length (See below)  Please Note: All Orange leads are 1/2" width only. 
Permatack Checkcord
in Black
Permatack Checkcord
in Brown
Permatack Checkcord
in Hi-Vis Orange
Perfection Leads $14.95
Black 4 1/2 ft. by 5/8" with ring
Brown 4 1/2 ft. by 5/8" with ring
Hi-Vis Orange 4 1/2 ft. by 1/2" with ring
Three Foot Leads
Six Foot Leads
Traffic Lead (18 Inch by 1/2")
Black 3 ft. by 5/8"
Brown 3 ft. by 5/8"
Hi-Vis Orange 3 ft. by 1/2"
Black 6 ft. by 3/4"
Brown 6 ft. by 3/4"
Hi-Vis Orange 6 ft. by 1/2"
Hi-Vis Orange
Hi-Vis Orange
permatack_covey_rise_cd003016.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003015.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003014.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003013.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003012.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003011.jpg permatack_covey_rise_cd003010.jpg
Our 25ft. cord is the standard length, however different lengths are available
Click Here to view Checkcord / Tracking Lead length options and prices.
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